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Thorne Construction Inc. is owned and operated by Andrew Thorne. Along with a select team of trusted professionals and tradespeople, the Thorne Construction team comes together to offer the finest in construction services.

Andrew Thorne


Andrew was born and raised in Southern Ontario before moving to Kelowna as a teenager. After his first taste of snowboarding at Big White, he knew that Kelowna was home. Today, when he isn't having tea parties with his daughters, Andrew is also an avid outdoorsman and extreme sports enthusiast.


Andrew began working in the construction industry in 1995 as an employee of a home building and renovation company. In 2002, he founded Thorne Construction as a framing and foundation subcontractor specializing in residential and multi-residential construction. Thanks to his high standards of quality and professionalism, he has grown the company over many years to become a Licensed Homebuilder with an excellent reputation.


By those who know him, Andrew has been described as a hard-working and meticulous man who leads by example. He is an exceptional communicator and problem-solver, and an all-around likeable guy.

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